Exercise 5.4

Looking at Alex Hanna’s neutral color tone pill packaging was an inspiration to attempt and paint this particular subject matter in this specific neutral color scheme as suggested by the exercise. It would have been ideal to study a wider variety of neutral toned objects but knowing that I need to press on so that […]

Exercise 5.3

I am quite amused and content how as soon as I read the brief for this exercise, to make a studies of a corner in my house depicting the light change throughout the day, automatically my mind went back to Part 1 where I was introduced to apply dilute paint onto different color tone grounds […]

Exercise 5.2

The black ink sketches I always tend to opt for painting natural or organic forms so this time I considered challenging myself to break away from this trend. The location…… almost opposite my house where; a newly constructed house. Since this house belongs to my friend I managed to get permission to spend some time […]